domenica 18 dicembre 2011

Dante's descendant saves Valpolicella wine from virtual inferno

by John Phillips

After a campaign spearheaded by a direct descendant of the poet Dante Alighieri, a Venice court has refused planning permission to a cement company that wants to build a waste recycling plant in the heart of the Valpolicella wine region in northeast Italy. On 17 January, a higher court in Rome will examine an appeal lodged by the Rossi cement company against the decision to block the expansion plan over opposition by environmentalists and wine growers in the Fumane valley. Campaigners are confident the Rome judges will uphold the ban. However, Count Pieralvise Serego Alighieri cautions that the battle must continue. "We always want to live in paradise but getting there is difficult," he said. "People haven't realised how precious this area is and how much more precious it could be." Dante's descendants have cultivated the vines of the Casal dei Ronchi in Gargano estate for 20 generations. Given the extent of opposition to the recycling project, Rossi cement should compensate for the eyesore's impact on the area, Count Alighieri said. "The regional court decision shows that citizens' voices deserve to be heard. Now one should make this area an example of how one can return to a green economy, giving an example of how one can fill in the quarry excavations that have scarred the landscape." ...

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